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Vehicle owner listing…coming soon

SP may have more than one vehicles under their children or family members name, that is not under the strata roll Most of the time, you will keep a separate excel listing of who is who , in case when there is an emergency to locate the owner. And worst is you may not be […]

Paying on behalf

You are checking your online bank statement, you received an amount to pay for the quarterly MF and SF, but  the name is not in your strata roll, neither the payor forgot to indicated the unit number.This is a common scenario as internet banking becomes common. The daughter or son or any next of kin […]

Keeping stock of expendable items

Many users asked or believed that expendable items need not be taken up in the inventory, or those in the service business where they do purchase inventory for use in the course of delivering their services or job sites in projects accounting If you look at a recent case where  one of the NPark officer asked […]

Print address label to your SP

You print address label when The SP still want to receive hard copy of their statement of accounts Send the financial report or minutes of AGM meeting reports Are you still using mail merge to print out the address label? When you use Realtimme Cloud MCST, you can print address label to 3.All SP or […]

Batch receipt for GIRO using import function with excel template

If you have 1. 50 SP paying you via GIRO , 2. The developer issue one cheque to pay the MF and SF for a few units(20 units) of unsold properties How long it takes to enter all the payments of different SP accounts? 30 minutes? That is fast though. What if you can do […]

Late payment interest..how do you arrived at this figure?

Sounds familiar? The one that owes a late payment interest (your SP), will most often challenge the way your system calculate the late payment interest. We have seen some system just generate a lump sum, $0.61 and you will not know how this figure was derived and you work it out separately in your excel […]

Paying in excess to the vendor – Do you allow this?

If you are the managing agent, the operational staff prepare all payment voucher manually and then you take it up into the system by your accountant, weeks later. You will have this problem. 1. This is double work 2. The amount may be seriously bigger than this $60 in excess 3. You are giving your […]

Statement of Accounts to your SP

Do you see the picture above familiar? Stacks of envelops ready to be sent out? Chances is that you are not sending the SP statement of accounts via email, and your current system do not support direct email from the software you are using. There is a trend of younger owners and they are requesting […]

Resigning en masse…are you prepared?

Hi business owners or managing agents, It is not unheard of that a manager resigned and the rest of the colleagues follow suit en masse Whether they set up the same business to compete with you or join your competitors, the fact that it create a vacuum in your operation, may it be partially paralyze […]

Partial payments result in multiple late payment charges

As time is getting from bad to worst during this pandemic season, employees are having their pay cuts or totally losing their jobs, and no light at the end of the tunnel, Some SP are struggling to pay their quarterly Managing fund  and Sinking Fund bill. We have users telling us that their SPs are […]