Apply for a virtual mailing address

Your vendors will send their invoice(s) to your MA, so will your banker, sending your monthly bank statement to your MA.

Question : What happened when you change your MA?

Answer 1 : Your new MA will have to inform all your vendors and banker a change of mailing address. Informing your vendors are much easier but not for your bank. The bank will need the authorised signatories a duly signed form to inform the bank a change of address, meanwhile, your former MA will still receive your mails and to continue to do work for your MCST without being paid left a bad after taste.

Answer 2 : Apply a My mailbox (Business) account 
When you change your MA, you just need to inform Singpost a change of the actual mailing address (Your new MA address) instead of informing 30 over parties

We find this mailbox service awesome because it save you a lot of hassle for a mere SGD100.00 per year (at this point of time this blog is written),

You will not have any excuses or delays anymore, because “the mail was sent to the former MA”

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Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant, Singapore

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Updated as at 19/08/2020


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