Easy migration of Strata Roll contact list

We send you the Excel template for the strata roll and opening balances b/f. You fill in, send to us and we import for you.

Screenshot of strata roll template
Easy migration of strata roll using Excel template
Print SP mortgage information


Auto-generate quarterly MF and SF billing to SP with Print sales audit trial.

Calculate output tax if MCST is GST registered

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Ad hoc billing

Bill to your sundry debtors for other income.

Calculate output tax if MCST is GST registered

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Deposits - Cheques or transfer from SP or Security Deposits

Record bank transfer from SP to MCST bank account.

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Record ad hoc Sect 45 (1) collection, BBQ booking, etc. with Print official receipt option.

Debit Note / Late Payment Interest

Set multiple late payment interest percentages by date range.

Auto calculates late payment after the due date to the collection date.

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Credit Note

Reverse amount that is no more due by the SP with Print statement of accounts to SP.

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Section 47

Record your sect 47 income into the system when there is a change of owner

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Statement of Accounts

Print the statement of accounts (SOA) to your SP after your bank reconciliation.

Add QR code to your SOA

Coming soon : Login to download SOA

Sample Statement of Accounts

Auto email statement of accounts

Once your bank recon is done, you can send all your SOA via email.


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Commercial Property Tax Invoice

Track output tax if MCST is GST registered

Sample Tax Invoice

Add QR code to your SP invoice

Sub-Proprietor Aging listing

Print monthly SP aging for review and follow up action


Attendance and Voting List

X days before the AGM, print out these 2 reports to check the voting rights and attendance list with or without voting rights.

Voting List screenshot
Attendance List screenshot

Print Address Label

Print address labels to send out SOA or AGM minutes / annual reports.

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