Easy migration of vendor contact list and opening balance

Helpfile link:

Excel template to import vendor contact list
Import Vendor opening balances

Vendor Contact List

Start date and End date to set contract period to control payment schedule.

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Contractors’ invoice

Record all suppliers’ invoices on an accrual basis with Print Purchase audit trials.

Calculate input tax if MCST is GST registered.

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Payment to vendor

Make payment upon the due date with a Print payment voucher (PV).

Sample Payment voucher
Print payment advice

Vendor Submission via Realtimme website

New feature….your vendor can submit their monthly invoice via Realtimme website. It will come into your Accounts payables. You do not need to record the entries anymore.

Ad-Hoc Payment (Non AP)

Make ad-hoc payment to the one-off supplier with a Print payment voucher (PV)

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Credit Note / Liquidated Damages

Record liquidated damages against vendor’s account with Print Credit Note audit trials.

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Debit Note

Record vendors’ ad hoc invoices for parts and repairs that is outside the contracts, with Print Debit Note audit trials.

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Vendor Aging Report

E- Approval

Coming soon…Your management council members can view payment vouchers online and approve the payment online via Realtimme website