2 Factor Authentication

  1. User login with id and password
  2. Selected users will be prompt for OTP via email
  3. For privacy and security purpose

Remote support via Teamviewer or Anydesk

We remote access to assists our users to their machine to understand the issue better

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Online "How to" documents and FAQs

The latest update of the user guide and training videos are available 24/7.

A complete suite of training videos from setup to how-to to reports.

WhatsApp Support @ 8376 2989

Send your photo or videos of your questions or queries to +65 8376 2989

Where users find it a challenge to write emails or explanations is difficult, we reply almost immediately most of the time. Click here

FAQ: Why there is no phone support?
Simply put, phone support was used when online chat (WhatsApp) is nonexistent, and may not be the most efficient way to help you.

WhatsApp allows us to exchange links, share log files, and dive into your account history. Plus, we can provide this support without you sitting on hold while the files transfer. This also helps us keep our costs low, so we can pass along those savings to our users.

Coming up next.....exciting features for scaling up

  1. See our product roadmap here
  2. Your SP will be able to receive WhatsApp notification of quarterly invoice or statement in pdf format
  3. Management council members will receive WhatsApp notification of bank balances, 10 top SP overdue, over-budgeted expenses