Statement of Accounts to your SP

Do you see the picture above familiar? Stacks of envelops ready to be sent out?

Chances is that you are not sending the SP statement of accounts via email, and your current system do not support direct email from the software you are using.

There is a trend of younger owners and they are requesting for statement to be sent via email. They want paper-less to save the environment.
You can manually attached the SOA via email one by one, but still there are still too much time and effort involved.

You are also incurring additional printing and stationery costs (stamps, envelops, paper, printer peripherals etc.)
What if the mail is lost, your SP do not receive in time? You get paid much delayed because it take 2 or 3 days to reach the addressee.

Our Solution :

Click below, a less than 2 min video, how Realtimme cloud can easily click away 1000 SP accounts and send the statement via email every month

How to send statement of account direct from system built-in email

What if we tell you those managing agents that are already on board Realtimme Cloud are enjoying the benefits of direct email SOA feature.
What are you waiting at?


Impress your SP how your operation is harnessing technology.


Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant,Singapore
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Resigning en masse…are you prepared?

Hi business owners or managing agents,

It is not unheard of that a manager resigned and the rest of the colleagues follow suit en masse
Whether they set up the same business to compete with you or join your competitors, the fact that it create a vacuum in your operation, may it be partially paralyze or totally crippled, that is not where you want to be.

It happens in all industries and you should not let it happen to your business.

Are you exposing yourself to such a business risk ? It could be no fault of yours that your staff resigned en masse, regardless, but your day to day business will be badly disrupted, and that all your projects will be at risk of not meeting the client’s service level.

How are you going to prevent this, or at the least, do you have a plan B in place before anything happened? For a start, let your team knows that you have plan B with you and will have no impact on your business even if they attempt to disrupt your business?


In my earlier blog, I had suggested that, you, as a business owner, can have a mix of internal and part out-source your accounting functions to us.
We can start off with a single project and build on from there to more projects.

Advantage is, there is no additional cost to your Plan B to out-source.

Let our remote accountants be part of your plan B.



Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant,Singapore
Email :