Print address label to your SP

You print address label when

  1. The SP still want to receive hard copy of their statement of accounts
  2. Send the financial report or minutes of AGM meeting reports

Are you still using mail merge to print out the address label?

When you use Realtimme Cloud MCST, you can print address label to

3.All SP or

4.Preset the selective few who are in the group 1 above

5. Select address that are non-resident SP

Watch video here how you prepare the printing of SP address label



Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant,Singapore
Email :



Batch receipt for GIRO using import function with excel template

If you have
1. 50 SP paying you via GIRO ,

2. The developer issue one cheque to pay the MF and SF for a few units(20 units) of unsold properties

How long it takes to enter all the payments of different SP accounts?
30 minutes? That is fast though.

What if you can do it within 1 minute, by preparing all these payment in an excel template and do a batch import to auto offset or using FIFO to clear the balance in arrears?

In Realtimme Cloud, we are adding this feature just so that you can save more time for more important work.

We hear you, as our users feedback to us how else we can make them more efficient, taking us half a day to add this function, that goes a long way to save hundreds of hours for our users


Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant,Singapore
Email :