Use WhatsApp to engage your SP

You have been to a buffet meal, where all the food is there for you to choose and pick.

Translate it to your service to your SP, they have request for facilities booking, application forms to fill, feedbacks, latest statement of accounts, or previous months of statement of accounts, visitors information etc.

All these can be managed by our chatbot by contacting a prescribed phone number by your MCST. Your SP will be able to do-it-yourself by selecting the options they want from the drop down list of services.

Are you still having a staff to attend to their requests, and if you have 1000  owners or more, in your MCST, the staff will be at the fire fighting mode everyday. Staff retention becomes a challenge in such an environment.

Talk to us and we can show you how you can scale up by automating your process using chatbot to deliver a higher customer service experience to your SP

Contact us for more information via our sales whatsApp +65 8148 8824 for more information.

Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant, Singapore
Email :



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