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Annual subscription fee that comes with free updates, upgrades, helpdesk, remote and email support

Interbank Transfer

Banker: OCBC Bank

OCBC Bank Account No.: 641-156682-001

Swift Code: OCBCSGSG

Bank Code: 7339

Upon successful transfer, please send a screenshot of the transaction to our

WhatsApp Chat / Line Chat  to

+65 8148 8824


Business PayNow Number: 201132092K

Please send a notification of the successful transfer by attaching the screenshot of the transfer to our

WhatsApp Chat / Line Chat  to

+65 8148 8824


  1. Upfront payment of 12 months subscription
  2. Renewal Invoice will be sent one month before due date
  3. Notice required for any cessation of service one month before due date
  4. All charges are in SGD. For overseas user, please consult
  5. No pro-rata of subscription fee when start or exit from the plan
  6. Service may be interrupted on accounts that reach 10 days past due.


Every SP @ $5 , or SGD440 per year per mcst account

Every SP @ $5 , or SGD2,200 per year per MCST

Yes, select your required plan and drop us an email. We will set your reporting currency to your requirement.
You will be billed in USD at prevailing rate one month in advance before the renewal date.

We can even set the user screen to be in your local language, other than English.

We encourage all users to move to the cloud , we do not support desktop version as it is not cost effective.

We have moved away from pc-based version with very obvious advantage in the cloud environment.

Yes, you may replace the MCST within each subscription plan. There will be an administrative charge of $50 to preparing a blank database
Just drop our support team an email and we will follow up from there.

Yes, you can pre-set each SP account to send their statement via email.
As you confirmed the monthly Statement of Account (SOA) , click a button and auto-send their SOA.

This facility is separately chargeable at 10cent per email or $50 per year per mcst.
Please consult.

If you wish to continue the accounts in Realtimme Cloud,

  1. You would need to subscribe to the same plan as the current MA.
  2. You will request from the current MA to export the necessary files (see below) to excel format and brought forward figures
    (Please consult)
  3. You will be able to import the chart of accounts,  Strata Roll, vendor listing and their respective brought forward balances yourself with the tools provided in the system.


  1. Select the plan , make your annual subscription payment via Paynow (scan QR code)
  2. Send the successful payment screenshot to WhatsApp 9138 7918
  3. An email will be sent to you of your id and password to login into the system
  4. Send us your SP strata roll and vendor listing in excel format preferred ( Please consult)
  5. Indicate the MCST bank account number , example DBS XXXX-XXXX-XX
  6. Financial year end of this MCST
  7. Provide us your MCST MF , SF , late interest % information
  8. Provide us your chart of accounts listing and Trial balance as at the latest finalised accounts.
  9. We put it on the silver platter for you and your accountant can take over from here
    Or consider outsource to our sister company that are expert in MCST accounts

What if we terminate your subscription plan?

  1. Export your SP and vendor info into excel and let your next vendor to handle.
  2. Print all your ledgers, report as at the cut off date and pass it to your accountant.
  3. We will off-line your database on the agreed date and you are free.
  4. We make it easy for you to come on board or leave our platform.
  5. No questions asked, no string attached.
  6. Click here


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