E-mail trial is lost with each changing of MA

To all MC,

Each MA will create a new email for your SP to contact them for report of defects, applications , or any correspondences.

When the MC decided to change your MA, what happened to the follow ups that are still pending? Who owns the email trials? How do you handle the emails that need follow up and is it being hand over to the next MA to follow up?

A simple and cheapest solution is to sign up a free email account with google , example feedback.mcst1234@gmail.com. One of the management council (MC) member holds the password.

When a new managing agent come onboard, the MC can hand over the email account with a new password. In this way, all email trails can be followed and nothing get missed out.

As always the case, the execution part is always the challenge. We have plans to  build an online portal for each MCST that comes with each signup with our Realtimme Cloud, at no extra cost.

SP will be able to send email for their feedback as usual, just like any enquiry you sent in any commercial website.

Common question is what happened if  the MC decided to change the managing agent? We will charge a fee if the MC decided to retain the website.

Contact us for more information via our sales whatsApp +65 8148 8824 for more information.

Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant, Singapore

Email : sales@realtimme.net

Updated as at 19/08/2020

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