To do List – Contract due date, reminders for renewal of licenses

One of the many important tasks for managing agents is to monitor the due date of licenses, and end of contract maintenance date or insurances for each of the projects.

As you take in more projects, the number of due dates that comes with each project increases.

You will say that “I have my hand phone calendar to remind me.”

But all these are only in your hand and no one can assists you or share the responsibilities with you.

You do not want to miss the date especially third party insurance or lift license renewal where life is at stake.

How do you keep track of so many dates, and do you leave it to one person to handle so many projects’ maintenance or licenses due date?

In Realtimme Cloud, we have a built-in calendar to add task with each task assigned to one or many staff, with reminder date and due date , adding instructions to the task or Supervisor can assign the task to the office admin to renew license when the user login to Realtimme Cloud for their daily MCST accounting tasks.

Let this be a shared responsibility and not a personal responsibility.

In this way, the risk is lowered whereby more than one person is in the know of the many due dates in each of the projects.

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Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant, Singapore

Email :

As at 15/8/2020


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