Paying on behalf

You are checking your online bank statement, you received an amount to pay for the quarterly MF and SF, but  the name is not in your strata roll, neither the payor forgot to indicated the unit number.
This is a common scenario as internet banking becomes common.

  1. The daughter or son or any next of kin (they) can pay on behalf of your sub-proprietor (SP)  and
  2. They are not aware that they need to indicate the unit number, or at best they type the mcst number but not the unit number.
  3. It doesn’t help by the amount since the SV are mostly the same and most or all are paying $2214 (see below), unless there are some late payment interest amount.
  4. You will have a hard time locating the actual SP paying for their MF and SF

We allow our user to update the next-of-kin name (the unofficial or secondary name) as it becomes available or made known, into the system.

When you receive payment from SP or their next-of-kin, you cannot remember or not expected to remember their next-of-kin name, you can search for the secondary name

This will greatly speed up your search for the correct SP.

Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant, Singapore

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