We put it all on the silver platter for you

Migrating from a system (manual or existing software) is challenging because setting up must be done correctly to have a smooth roll out of the new system

Still considering coming on board the Realtimme Cloud MCST platform?
We give you a compelling reason why you should quickly come onboard with us.

We will send the following request to you.

Please provide the following information to our support team and email to support@realtimme.net

  1. Management fund per month per share value
  2. Sinking fund per month per share value
  3. Late payment interest rate percentage
  4. Financial period from MMYYYY to MMYYYY (1st period in Realtimme Cloud)
  5. Trial balance of the last audited account in excel template
  6. GST Registration number (if any)
  7. Strata Roll in excel template
  8. Vendor (contractor profile in excel template
  9. Sample format of Invoice/Statement of Accounts
  10. Fixed asset listings in excel template

In point 5, we prefer the trial balance and not the audited balance sheet and Income and expenditure statement.
Example cash and bank balances in Balance sheet may be made up of bank balances plus petty cash balances. We need each balance in the chart of accounts for your daily postings.

We will help you to set up the system, and you will be ready to take over the daily work very quickly. It is our interest that your system is set up properly so that you can achieve your productivity in your work.

Contact us for more information via our sales whatsApp +65 8148 8824 for more information.

Writer : Choo Hong Peng,
Chartered Accountant, Singapore
Email : sales@realtimme.net


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